Missionary Housing Construction Project

Phase 1


In July 2016, groundbreaking began for Phase 1. Volunteer laborers dug a foundation; In September 2016, another group of volunteers built the walls on which the former studio building would be placed.



Below left: The placement of the KCAM studios since 1964. The new foundation is perpendicular to the original placement of the studios. The KCAM tower field is in the background.

Below right: In April 2017, a volunteer crew spent a week turning and moving the building onto its new foundation.

before moving



The upper floor will become a three-bedroom home. .The basement will be converted into two apartments with shared kitchen.



All of the labor was performed by volunteers from Glennallen and Pennsylvania, and KCAM’s general manager.


May 2017: A Lightshine Ministries team framed in the entryway and installed stairs to the upper and lower levels



June-August 2017: Various individuals, families, and groups have volunteered their skills and time to make progress on the inside work:


If you have construction skills and would like to come help with framing, drywall, or other phases of this construction, please contact us at manager@kcam.org.


Phase 2

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