Joy Media Ministries was formed in December 2014 in anticipation of taking over local ownership of KCAM Radio. Named in honor of KCAM’s founder, Vince Joy, Joy Media Ministries is a board of directors made up of local residents and supporters in the Lower 48 who have a passion for the ministry of KCAM in the Copper River Valley. Joy Media Ministries is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, and financial donors receive a tax-deductible receipt for their gifts.

KCAM Radio Ministries is dedicated to perform effective broadcasting ministry through evangelism, instruction, and public service.  The work of evangelism is to spread the Gospel through any means necessary.  As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we instruct, encourage, and challenge all who will listen in matters pertaining to faith and life, including the training of the next generation of Christian broadcasters.  KCAM services the needs of the community through broadcasting issues, news, local events, announcements, and information of interest.

Our vision is to be able to present God’s Message in as many ways to as many people that He brings into touch with us, using all means that He provides to present the Gospel.

Our values are designed to reflect our mission and passion, and along with prayer, what we know from Scripture and the prompting of the Holy Spirit are our guiding principles for making decisions.

We value:
OUR LORD, who is the giver and sustainer of this ministry, and of our very lives.
OUR FAMILY, whom God placed in our lives and charged us with their responsibility.
OUR LISTENERS, whom God has called us to serve.
OUR SPONSORS, whom God has called to support this ministry.
OUR SELVES, which God created as vessels to carry out His will.



Current members of the board of directors are:

  • Board President: Nate Weimer — Copper Center, Alaska
  • Vice President: Sue Roscovius — Glennallen, Alaska
  • Secretary: Rod Thannum — Blaine, Minnesota
  • Treasurer: Sharon Daniel — Tazlina, Alaska
  • Director: James King — Plymouth, Michigan